Maine Coon Kittens – Everything About Them You Should Know

Maine Coon Kittens

everything you need to know about them

Maine coon kittens or cats – cute gentle giants, long length with heavy hair and a good mouser. These are one of the oldest natural breed animals in the USA. Before telling the interest facts, let’s take a quick overview of this animal.

  • Dressed-Up for Winter

    Long hairy body, tufted paws like snowshoes and a long tail that they can wrap around their body. These characteristics help them to survive in the cold.

  • Massive but Gaint

    Maine coon orange, black or brown. No matter which colour they have. These are the heaviest cat breed. Unlike their physics, they are cute and gentle too.

  • They are Winner Breeds

    First cat show was held in America in 1895 at Madison Square Garden, New York. The juries gave the "Best Cat" award to a brown Maine Coon cat.

  • They are Popular Everywhere

    Not only in the USA, but they are also loved in Japan & Europe where they have won prizes in shows. Additionally, a Maine coon cat was cast in Harry Potter movie that shows their popularity

  • They Love water

    Maine coon kittens also like water and they will jump directly into the water, unlike the other cats. Their natural coat is water repellent so water does not last long on them.

  • Diet Facts

    Compared the other cats, Maine coon kittens eat a little more and this is the reason for their heavy body.

Common FAQs that People Ask

You must be looking for the answers to lots of questions if you are going to buy a Maine Coon Kitten. We have answered all the commons questions so that you can know more about these baby cats and decide either it is the right choice or not.

These kittens are harmless, gentle and have playful nature so, it is the right choice if you want to buy a kitten for your child.

Unlike some cat kind, Maine coon cats are more social. You will not face any issue if you have multiple breed cats in your place.

Normally, kittens do not damage anything at home. But it also depends on training. Anyhow, an adult Maine coon may damage your coach in rude, unhappy or unpleasant mode.

Where and How to Buy?

Buying an animal with the right choice and budget range is a difficult cat. But, you will feel lucky to know that you are in right place.

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